I’m a qualified professional copyeditor with a Graduate Diploma from RMIT’s Editing and Publishing program (2010, with Distinction). I have technical expertise in both academic writing and grammar and style conventions. I graduated with a PhD in Gender Studies from the University of Sydney in 2003, worked as a proofreader of radio-news transcriptions at the ABC, and lectured and tutored for several years at a number of Australian universities. I have also published widely on the politics of sexed embodiment in a number of academic journals and in my monograph Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: Deviance, Desire and the Pursuit of Perfection (Palgrave 2018).

I have been a specialist academic editor since 2010. In this time, I have worked with a diverse group of academics both in Australia and overseas and at different stages of their careers, from PhD students to early-career researchers and seasoned professors. My clients, past and present, come from a wide range of disciplines including History, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Performance Studies, Japan Studies, Communications, Visual Arts, Law, International Relations and Social Work.

Book projects include Jane Carey, Taking to the Field: A History of Australian Women in Science (Monash University Publishing 2023); Angela Wanhalla, Lyndall Ryan and Camille Nurka, eds., Aftermaths: Colonialism, Violence and Memory in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific (Otago University Press 2023); Ruth Balint, Destination Elsewhere: Displaced Persons and Their Quest to Leave Postwar Europe (Cornell University Press 2021); Carolyn S. Stevens, The Beatles in Japan (Routledge 2017); Penelope Edmonds, Settler Colonialism and (Re)conciliation: Frontier Violence, Affective Performances, and Imaginative Refoundings (Palgrave 2016); Jane Lydon, Photography, Humanitarianism, Empire (Bloomsbury 2016).