I specialise in academic editing for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. The kinds of projects I work on include the following:

  • monographs
  • edited volumes
  • edited journal issues
  • articles
  • book chapters
  • book proposals
  • curriculum vitaes
  • grant applications
  • PhD theses


Academic writing is highly specialised and needs an attentive reader who understands academic argument, theory, language and referencing protocols. Copyediting academic writing is never simply about checking for errors in spelling or syntax. This is why I do not separate out manuscript development, structural editing and copyediting. In my work practice, these are the key components in every project requiring editing and they are built into my quoting system.

Manuscript development: I work with you to express your ideas more clearly and help you to clarify and strengthen your argument. I work closely with you to understand your argument to help you make sense of what you want to say. I offer deep intellectual engagement with your work, encouragement and support all the way through the editorial process.

Structural editing: I provide practical solutions for narrative flow and logical arrangement of material; tighten structure and reduce word count when necessary; ensure consistency of headings, subheadings and referencing style; ensure a unified voice; and ensure clarity of language and relevance to target audience/discipline.

Copyediting: I correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, ambiguities, omissions, inaccuracies and paragraphing; cross-check in-text/notation references against the reference list; double-check your quotes if they look like they’ve been cited incorrectly; check facts; check illustrations, captions and page numbering; and watch for potential breach of copyright or libel.

Includes the following provisions:

  • one additional review and edit of revised draft
  • Skype meetings, face-to-face, email and phone communication as required


A thesis is an apprenticeship through which academic authors learn and hone their craft. My goal is to make the argument clear and coherent and the writing elegant so that the examiners are presented with a clearly written and well-argued thesis. I do not contribute original ideas, but I do help you finesse, substantiate and elaborate upon your central argument and improve your expression. Please note that I cannot guarantee a pass.

Additional support:

  • I work with you to interpret and clarify complex theory where needed. This includes double-checking a quoted source if it is difficult for me to understand the context of the quotation or its relevance to the thesis argument.
  • I help you address supervisor recommendations and correspond with supervisors if required.
  • I format the thesis to university specifications and convert to pdf.
  • If a thesis contains images, please ensure that they are kept in a separate folder and not included in the thesis text. I will insert and format the images after the copyediting has been completed. You can indicate in the text where you want the image to go by using square brackets.


Proofreading: I correct errors in syntax, spelling, punctuation and typesetting. I check layout features such as illustrations, captions, running heads and page numbering. Please note that this service only applies to publishers’ proofs (for example, in PDF form) or material that has already been copyedited and typeset.

Indexing: I compile the index for your book.

Research assistance: I research and collate relevant titles in EndNote, and write literature reviews and summaries.

Lecture preparation: I assist with lecture research and writing.

Thesis conversion: I can help you turn your thesis into a book or convert thesis chapters into journal articles or book chapters.

Bibliography compilation: I compile in-text/notation references into a bibliography. Especially useful for edited volumes.


Please note that I do not provide the following services:

  • layout using a publishing program
  • graphic design
  • high-level formatting beyond the minimum requirements of the publisher or university thesis guidelines
  • assessment of quantitative data/statistics
  • editing of undergraduate essays or Honours theses